Fort Smith Krav Team Students and Family
​Going Away Party for Bob and Paige Kinney
Saturday, July 20th 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
​Bring a Dish

     Bob and Paige Kinney have been with us from the early stages of opening our Fort Smith Krav Maga Training Center. They have assisted us in many ways to help us grow and become a successful and permanent part of the wonderful city of Fort Smith. Bob's invitation to Jim and Jodi to introduce Krav Maga to the 188ths Security Forces and continue to add Krav Maga's Self Defense System to their training has been an honor and privilege for our school.
     As Bob and Paige move on to their next exciting challenge in their careers and personal lives, we go with them in mind and spirit. We love you and we will miss you... and our best wishes go with you on your journey.  Please come back and visit us anytime... join in a Krav class and have some fun.